Black Voices United is a space that recognizes diversity as one of the strongest elements of any team or organization. Our leaders bring unique experiences and perspectives to our work, while also creating representation for a variety of artists to see themselves in our organization. BVU leaders are ever-evolving, focused on self- development, healing, and bringing their best selves to our work always. 

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Founder & Creative

Tamiel McKee Bey is a writer, healer, and creative director. Recognizing that self- acceptance and unconditional self-love are a journey, Tamiel began their journey as a creative with poetry and finding power in the many ways that we can liberate the Self through our voice. This led to the creation of "Iamallthatyouare: This is my truth, poems & papers", a poetry collection that explores self-identity, truth, love, community, spirituality and so much more! 

Tamiel started BVU with other creatives in 2019 with aspirations of creating a platform for Black and Brown folx to find themselves in their art. This always starts with the choices we make within ourselves to accept our fullest power and potential. BVU is here to create leaders who can lead through love and inspire change in the world through art.

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Develop your leadership skills here at BVU!  Our organization and the work we do is currently based out of San Diego, CA. There are a variety of ways that an organization functions but there is no way that it can function without a team! We are here to provide an opportunity for a diverse community of creatives to explore your strengths and weaknesses with other leaders! Think about what you can appreciate in a leader and embody it! These are positions that you can gain experience in here at BVU!

Lead Coordinator 

Co-Coordinator (Program/ workshop director)

Community Outreach Organizer

Youth Leaders (15-18 years old)

All work completed by our leaders is volunteer-based. To learn more about these positions or how you can get more involved please email us at Blckvcesunited@gmail.com. Our goal is to be able to compensate our leaders as our organization grows!

Leadership Opportunities