Black Voices United is an artist collective that centers the African and African American experience.

Why? People of African descent are often made to believe that we are not creative or that our creative talents are some exceptional gift. Creativity and art exist at the very essence of our nature as African people. BVU stands by three principles that guide us our work:




Through these three principles, BVU encourages our creators to find value in the power of education, to utilize this education to heal themselves and their communities, and finally to allow this education to inspire them to make lasting change in the world.

BVU seeks to provide a space for our creators to be able to fully develop their craft and be present with their work. This requires patience on our end and courage from the communities we serve. Our goal for the next 5 years is to develop an artist collective that can provide exposure and opportunities for sustainable living for all creators!


Black Voices United believes that Black people should be centered in everything that we do. This means recognizing the diversity in our community and the need to make safe spaces for all forms of Blackness to become self-actualized and full. This includes Black women, transgender, LGBTQIA+ folx, community members with different abilities, those without a home, those overcoming mental illness, elderly folx, young folx, undocumented folx and so many more. We are not perfect in our practice but we are committed to our work. This creates a foundation that is dedicated to the development of all Black people and their overall success. We are not here to define anyone's experience for them, BVU is here to empower and uplift whatever our members and communities see for themselves!