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Who are we?


Black Voices United Artists Collective is an inclusive and empowering artist collective that celebrates and amplifies the African and African American creative experience. By providing a nurturing environment for artists to fully develop their craft and explore healing through their work, BVU recognizes the importance of centering Black voices in all aspects of their endeavors.


Committed to diversity and creating safe spaces for the multiplicity of Black identities, BVU is dedicated to the holistic development and success of its members and communities, aiming to empower and uplift their individual visions and experiences.


What do we believe?

Black Voices United believes that Black people should be centered in everything that we do.


This means recognizing the diversity in our community and the need to make safe spaces for all dimensions of Blackness to become actualized and appreciated

We are not perfect in our practice, and still we are committed to our work. This creates a foundation that is dedicated to the development of all Black people and their overall success. We are not here to define anyone's experience for them, BVU is here to empower and uplift whatever our members and communities see for themselves!

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