Our Dream

Black Voices United artist collective is working towards ensuring that every African or African American recognizes the innate gifts and talents that we ALL have! Our work ranges from helping our creators find confidence in their role as an artist to providing our creatives with the mental, physical and spiritual tools to pursue their purpose as an artist. The role and purpose of the artist vary and the art form itself can vary also. Our role is to ensure that the artist has no barrier outside of themselves to speak their truth and divinely express themselves through art!

How do we support our creatives?

Well first, to ensure that our creatives can develop a relationship with other creatives we actively create space for trust and unconditional acceptance to be established. In this or creatives are always provided the opportunity to develop themselves and their relationships with others with compassion.

Our creatives create safe space with themselves and others through intention. This is one of the ways that we encourage healing and self-education. When a person is healing this process can take many forms and for many of us in the collective, this is done by finding our voice in many different art forms and affirming ourselves through it all!

The work we do at BVU is community-based and the people that we serve share more than just a common experience with us!

You can support the growth and development of Black Voices United


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