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Read Up & Rise Up: A Pan-African Reading List 4 the Apocalypse

Updated: Apr 13

Expand your consciousness with Pan-African literature and discover revolutionary works that find hope for the future. Reading is a shared experience that brings people together and strengthens communities. If you want to honor your African heritage, the first step is educating yourself!

The Importance of Reading for Knowledge and Liberation 

All About Love x Bell Hooks

Guerrilla Gardening x David tracey 

Essential Books on Pan-Africanism and Black Consciousness

The auto-biography of Malcolm X, Alex Haley

How Europe Underdeveloped Africa x Walter Rodney

Neo-Colonialism: The Last stage of imperialism x Kwame Nkrumah

Fiction & Poetry Books That Explore the Black Apocalyptic Experience

The Black Unicorn x Audre Lorde

Parables Of The Sower x Octavia E. Butler

Children's Books to Start Them Reading Early

Jayden’s Impossible Garden x by  Mélina Mangal  (Author), Ken Daley  (Illustrator)

I Am Enough x Grace Byers

Imani’s Moon x Janay Brown-Wood

Black-Owned bookstores to buy these at:

Bandung Book Store - Oakland, CA

Marcus Books - Oakland, CA

Reparations Club - Los Angeles, CA


Palestinian Solidarity Reading & Organizing Resources:

Freedom For Palestine (PanAfrican perspective on the situation)

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